Tax Time is Scam Time

It’s that time again. April 18 is fast approaching and tax returns will soon be due. (The filing deadline this year is April 18 instead of April 15, due to Emancipation Day.)

Whether you do your own taxes or have someone else prepare them, your taxes are probably on your mind, or will be soon. But you’re not the only one thinking about this. Someone else is, too, but they are thinking about it from a different perspective. This is a time of opportunity! An opportunity to take advantage of you and use it to get your sensitive information and maybe your money as well. Continue reading “Tax Time is Scam Time”

The Security Soluton – Part 4

Today, we conclude the discussion of a “four-step solution” to security problems. Once you have taken reasonable measures to keep bad things from happening and accepted that they will sometimes still occur, you can move onto the next step. You can take measures to limit the negative consequences if they do occur. Continue reading “The Security Soluton – Part 4”

(A Critical Part of) The Solution – Part 3

Today I want to provide a very important part of the solution to security problems: Realize that bad things will still occur despite all efforts to prevent them.

That may sound strange. How can it be a solution to say that we can’t come up with a solution that will keep bad things from happening? I will get to that in a moment.

But first, I want address the idea that we can stop bad things from happening.

We buy antivirus software in the hope that it will keep us free from viruses. It won’t. It will detect and stop a lot of viruses. But it won’t catch them all. Sorry about that. Continue reading “(A Critical Part of) The Solution – Part 3”