To Contact Me

813-579-5432 (will likely go to voicemail; please leave a message)
Please use a subject like “HELP requested” or “SUGGESTION” or something that stands out.

Please allow a few days for me to receive your phone or e-mail message, plus time to respond. I may receive it sooner, but there are times that I am away from my phone and/or computer for some time. Voicemail is likely to be noticed before e-mail.

When you contact me, be clear as to how to reach you (phone or e-mail). It would be best to provide both phone and e-mail information when you contact me.

If for some reason you don’t hear back within a few days, please try again. There could always be a possibility that a message may not go through. If you wish to leave both a voice message and send an e-mail, that would be fine.


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