Daily Tip 03 – Don’t Be Seduced by “The Cloud”

Graphic Image of Cloud


Companies talk about “The Cloud” as if it is the ultimate solution. You get the idea that, if you’re not using “The Cloud,” you’re back in the last millennium.

Don’t be fooled. Going to the cloud could bring some benefits but also creates some risks.

You should evaluate the business on the same terms as any other business, but also consider the added risks.

Daily Tip 01 – When Files Go Missing

Welcome to Day 1 of my Daily Tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month.


If your data disappears, there is a good chance you can get it back. But your next action might make it disappear forever.

Don’t do anything else until you have a GOOD plan in place on how to proceed. If your data or your files are important, the most important thing is not to do anything that might damage the possibility of getting them back.

A plan on how to respond to lost data can be found HERE