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I plan to create a course on the basics of backing up data.

This basic course will be as non-technical as possible.

If you are Non-Technical:
This class will discuss the considerations and the questions (and the correct answers) to ask a tech person so you can make sure that the result of the backup process will be satisfactory. That way you can find someone who is likely to do a dependable job before you let them touch your computer.

If you are technical:
It will highlight the things that technical people often get wrong about backups and how to do them correctly so you don’t make those mistakes. You’ll learn what you need to know to make sure you have reliable backups.

The timeframe for the development of this course will depend in part on the amount of interest shown.

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Short thoughts on backups will be provided on an occasional basis before the course launches.

Signing up for this list does NOT obligate you to participate in the course.

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