Eternal Vigilance? Come On! Get Real!

I’ve talked about the importance of awareness, caution, and paying attention. I’ve talked about the danger of opening attachments and clicking on links.

I’ve said that it takes just one mistake to compromise your computer or put you at risk. And I’ve suggested “eternal vigilance” as a way of guarding against that risk.

But how realistic is that, really? Continue reading “Eternal Vigilance? Come On! Get Real!”

Where Did My Money Go?

I recently attended a meeting where someone from a title company spoke about problems people run into when buying a house.

Suppose you are buying a house. You’ve made an offer. Perhaps you had to negotiate with the seller. Now it’s time to close the deal.

The title company had previously suggested that you wire the money to them and said they will e-mail you instructions when it is time. They often rely on wire transfers to transfer money. Waiting for a check to clear takes much longer.

The time they told you to expect the e-mail on how and where to wire the money has come and you are watching your inbox for that e-mail.

The e-mail arrives. You verify it is from the title company. The agent’s e-mail address is listed, the amount is correct, and everything looks right. So you wire the money, excited about taking possession of your new home.

There’s just one problem. The money never arrives. Continue reading “Where Did My Money Go?”

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