Cybersecurity: Navigating the Maze

Do you think you can find your way through a maze?

Take a look at the maze below. See if you can find the way through it.


picture of maze to solve with pencil

Perhaps you think it’s easy. It’s really not too difficult. But there’s only one way through it.

“Hold on there!” you say. You probably think there’s more than one way.

Really? You missed something the first time you looked. Continue reading “Cybersecurity: Navigating the Maze”

WannaCry – a New Strain of Ransomware

Wildfires are threatening nearby communities in Florida. One of these grew from 3 acres to over 3000 acres in a matter of hours, threatening homes in the vicinity and shutting down parts of the interstate highway that connects this side of the state. Firefighters are working hard to attempt to gain control of this (and other) wildfires in the area.

As these fires were spreading, another outbreak was spreading just as rapidly. A new strain of ransomware spread globally, to more than ten thousand companies in over 150 countries. Instead of closing highways and threatening homes, this ransomware outbreak closed down companies and government sites and threatened lives. Numberous hospitals were among the victims and they had to suspend important services to existing patients and turn ambulances away. Continue reading “WannaCry – a New Strain of Ransomware”

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