Look What I Found! A Flash Drive!

You are probably familiar with flash drives (a.k.a. USB drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, etc.). They are small things that you can plug into a slot in your computer that you can use to store data or to transfer data to another computer or device.

They have become quite inexpensive and you can buy one with a respectable amount of storage for $10 to $20, especially when they are on sale.

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Has Your Gift Card Been Hacked Yet?

Criminals have discovered and used different methods to “steal” the “money” on your gift cards for some time now, but a new threat has surfaced this year which is distinctly different than previous methods.

In the past, it was typically necessary for the thief to be present in the store and handle the gift cards to get the numbers, or to steal the information. That could be done by hacking or by someone present in the store. Or, they could trick the customer into revealing the card number.

This year, a new method has surfaced and it poses a much greater threat. The hacker doesn’t have to be present and they don’t have to hack into the store. Instead, they take advantage of the methods the card provider uses for customer service.

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